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Packages and Services

Grades 9-10 per semester

Start on the right foot with early planning!

  • The first two years focus on understanding the relationship between a-g requirements and high school course offerings, creating a solid academic plan, understanding the college admissions system, early career exploration, and financial planning.
  • Each semester includes 1 face-to-face meeting, 1 check-in (email/phone), and access to professional online college selection and career matching tools.

Grades 11-12 Package

If you’ve already made your way through the first two years of high school, but the final push is feeling overwhelming, this is the package for you.

  • Each semester includes 1 face-to-face meeting, 1 check-in (email/phone), access to professional online college selection and career matching tools.
  • Junior year focuses on college testing, career and college choice, and scholarships.
  • Senior year includes application, admission essay, and scholarship review.

Senior Year Only

The fall of senior year can be a stressful time for students. They need to narrow down their college choices, complete their applications, write essays, apply for scholarships, follow up on communications from schools, and most importantly meet all the deadlines associated with those tasks. No one can do this for them, but preparation, planning, and regular check-ins can help them weather these challenges.

This service includes

  • 1 face-to-face organizational meeting in the fall; 1 face-to-face review meeting in the spring
  • Shared document to track information and deadlines
  • Regular check-ins to provide support for challenging tasks
  • Application, admission essay, and scholarship review
  • Acceptance letter and financial aid package review

Four-year Package

Starting in the 9th grade may seem early, but watching your child grow allows me to develop a relationship with them so that, when it is time to make decisions, I am better informed about their personality, goals, and needs. Commit to all four years of service and receive a $400 discount.

A La Carte Services

Whether it is choosing which colleges to apply to or figuring out what to major in, many families hit some difficult terrain in the college admissions process. A little expert guidance can go a long way to get your family through these stages. After the initial consultation, we will tackle the project together in a free-standing, 2-hour meeting. Choose one of these popular topics or suggest your own.

Career and Major Exploration

Building the College List

Scholarship Search

Application Essay Review

FAFSA/Financial Aid Support

Community College-->UC/CSU Transfer

My passion is helping students prepare for and navigate the transition to college. I would love to talk to you about how I can help your family through this challenging and exciting time.