Summer Activities

Online Summer Activities

College preparation includes more than just high school classes. Summer and extracurricular activities help students build flexibility, socialize with a wide range of students, and explore career and major interests. Often these are the activities students choose to write about in their college essays.

While some programs have suspended their offerings for 2021, many were able to transition to virtual, allowing for otherwise geographically out-of-reach programs to be accessible to more students. Here are some online options.


Spring and summer workshops created and taught by Stanford and MIT alumni to teach students the basics of AI

DeAnza College Academy

Wide variety of classes for grades 3-12, including art and design, programming, math, test prep and introduction to high school science courses (chemistry, physics)

Economics for Leaders Virtual

Taught by economics and leadership professors to encourage student leaders to infuse economic principles into their work


For students interested in entrepreneurship

Girls Who Code

Virtual 2-week summer program

Georgia Tech College of Design

Architecture, Industrial Design, and Music Technology workshops

Boston University

Summer High School Programs include Academic Immersion into topics like psychology and medicine, and the Research in Science & Engineering Program (RISE), which is a competitive program for rising seniors to participate in university research

Barnard Pre-College Programs

Young Women Writer's Program, Leadership Program, STEMinists, Liberal Arts Intensive, coding boot camp

UC Berkeley Academic Talent Development Program

Excellent long standing academic exploration program; online for Summer 2021; courses range from web development to creative writing to neuroscience

UC Berkeley Pre-College Program

Students can take UCB summer courses for credit

Stanford Earth Young Investigators

Student work in research laboratories with graduate students; limited departments for 2021, including only education and biodiversity

Pending Status

Stanford IFSS - Inspiring Future Scientists Through Shadowing - 2021 status pending